5 Major Handbag Trends for Spring/Summer 2024 on fashion week

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Bags have always been a crucial component of fashion shows. This time, we analyzed consumer preferences and psychology from the 2024 Spring-Summer fashion runways, and every detail, from silhouettes to patterns, is truly refreshing. From vibrant candy-colored bags to casually chic shopping net totes, and oversized bags, these distinct symbols and motifs are poised to become key trends for the season.

01/Geometric Designs

In the handbag trends of 2023-2024, geometric-style bags emitted an irresistible avant-garde fashion aura. Designers crafted distinct bags, with some brands standing out through unusual proportions, sizes, shapes, and manufacturing methods. These geometric-inspired bags are sleek, embodying architectural aesthetics with simplicity and minimalism. Devoid of unnecessary embellishments, they reflect the bag's clean silhouette and an elegant minimalist temperament."


02/Sweet and Cute Style

Represented by Mini, Bling Bling, pearl elements, and ruffled edges, the handbag styles showcased in 2024 featured designs like the 16Arlington Mini Shell Bag, Hermès Crossbody Lock, Chanel's pearl-adorned bag, and Roger Vivier's bags with floral and diamond embellishments. These brands epitomized the sweet and cute aesthetic prevalent in this trend.


03/Oversized Bags

In the 2024 fashion runways, oversized bags larger than usual caught the spotlight, featuring intentionally exaggerated and enlarged silhouettes that exuded strong stylistic capabilities. Starting with Jil Sander, these extra-large bags, capable of covering half the body, showcased clean and exaggerated contours, luxurious materials, and sometimes adorned with oversized hardware details.


04/Candy Colors

Candy-colored bags garnered more attention in 2024, bringing a cheerful and delightful mood to people, especially during a time when brightness was sought after in the midst of prevailing gloom.


05/Checkered Hollow-out

Mesh hollow-out bags are a noteworthy trend. The regular woven structure formed by checkered hollow-out patterns resembles fishing nets used by the seaside. This layered weaving imparts a refreshing feel, making it a fashion focal point in the spring and summer of 2024.


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