Trend Analysis for Luxury Bags in the Half of 2023

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Bags are often the first choice for many women entering the world of luxury fashion, and they are also a significant source of revenue for many top-tier brands. Therefore, bag design has always been a battleground for major fashion brands. In the past few years, the trend of "mini bags" has almost dominated the entire fashion industry. However, as we enter the second half of 2023, it seems that there has been a shift in bag trends. Today, Bouluxury, a leading player in luxury fashion, has compiled the fashion trends for three major bag styles and also listed the key bags from various brands for the end of the year. If you're looking to treat yourself with a luxury bag in the latter half of the year, this article is sure to guide you to a shopping experience with zero mistakes!

The classic monogram bag remains in high demand


source:Louis Vuitton

Many brands, after their establishment, use logos or representative images in intricate arrangements to enhance their recognition and create their own monogram, commonly referred to as "monogram canvas." This approach helps accentuate the brand's distinctive elements, making it a top choice for many young women when purchasing luxury goods for the first time. This year, the monogram trend continues to sizzle! Here, Bouluxury from Meiyang offers recommendations for three brands' monogram bags, perfect for many luxury beginners!


source:Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton undoubtedly takes the monogram trend to its fullest extent today! From its early days when it was initially designed for anti-counterfeiting purposes to becoming the brand's most beloved design element, this fall and winter, the brand focuses on using the monogram as the main theme for various bags. Apart from the iconic hard case "Petite Malle" continuing to make appearances in new forms, Bouluxury from Meiyang personally recommends the "Dauphine" series of bags. With its elegant and modern design, coupled with a new trapezoidal and saddle-shaped body, these bags offer a blend of practicality and style that's hard not to love! Furthermore, don't miss out on bags featuring the S-Lock clasp details, as their spontaneous elements give the entire bag a distinctive and unique character!




In Gucci's recommended list, Bouluxury from Meiyang has been facing a headache for quite some time. Looking at the 2023 Fall/Winter runway before the official debut of the new Creative Director, it seems that an oversized saddle clutch bag is the highlight of this season's show. Its eye-catching and unique design undoubtedly caters to many fashion-forward women. However, in daily styling, Bouluxury believes that bags featuring the GG logo are still the most versatile. You can start with classic styles like the Bamboo handle bag, Diana shoulder bag, and Horsebit clasp bag – all excellent choices!




Celine's "Triomphe" emblem is undoubtedly a massive cash cow for the brand today! Its vintage, elegant, and versatile characteristics have made the bags in this collection incredibly popular. In the second half of the year, in addition to the "AVA Triomphe" crescent clutch bag introduced at the beginning of autumn, the gray monogram canvas set to be released in September will definitely be a standout. Its soft, low-saturation color palette breathes youth and vitality into the "Triomphe" pattern. Its subtle tones make it suitable for carrying even in the summer.

Big bags are making a strong comeback



Small bags have dominated the fashion scene for several years, but in 2023, this trend is slowly cooling off as substantial "big bags" prepare for a strong comeback. Recently, major brands have either transformed their classic designs or reimagined entirely to make bags much larger. This is great news for those who value practicality in their bags. Bouluxury from Meiyang has also compiled 7 large and medium-sized bags, allowing you to stay fashionable and follow the 2023 trend.

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